Android Repair Pricing


$200 GLASS / LCD


$240 GLASS / LCD

S7 Edge

$215 GLASS / LCD


$175 GLASS / LCD


$165 GLASS / LCD

Note 8

$260 GLASS / LCD

Note 5

$180 GLASS / LCD

Note 4

$150 GLASS / LCD

Note 3

$60 GLASS / $150 LCD

Note 2


For many years, we have remained a leading and an authorized repair service provider for varieties of mobile phones. We take honor as Las Vegas Samsung phone repair seriously and hence, always make sure that your Samsung device becomes ready in no time.

Services Scopes and Steps We Follow

Starting from the replacement of damaged or cracked screens to power issues, we resolve almost every problem in your Samsung phone device. To begin Las Vegas Samsung phone repair process, we starts our work with a free of cost diagnostic examination, where our technicians examine your phone’s functions, prepare a suitable repair plan and let you decide whether you want to go ahead with the respective Samsung repair process. Once we succeed to determine the problem, we start with the repair. The best thing is that we complete minor repairs, including the screen repair within only one hour.