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  • iPhone 3G/3Gs/4

    We can replace your cracked glass, LCD, & back housing. We also can replace your iPhone battery, bezel, and other parts at competitive pricing.

    We can repair your water damage iPhone as well!

  • iPod Classic

    Guru Crew can repair cracked lcd, scratched casing, battery not holding a charge, and broken headphone jack / hold switch.

  • iPod Touch

    Cracked your iPod Touch / iTouch glass or lcd? We can repair it and get you back up and running. We only use high quality parts. We can also fix your iPod Touch headphone jack.

  • Guaranteed Work

    Guru Crew guarantees all worksmanship on parts, labor, and service on iPhone, iPod, & other repairs.

  • Quality Parts

    We do not use cheap knock-off low quality iPhone, iPod parts. We use quality OEM replacement parts that come with a guarantee which is usually longer than your original manufacturer warranty!

  • Friendly Staff

    We are eager to assist you in repairing your Apple products. Guru Crew all repairs desktops, laptops, cameras, camcorders, and other electronics. Give us a call!

See what our customers are saying...

  • I own pretty much every Apple product out there and sometimes things happen. I have dropped my iPhone 4 about 3 times during my regular day and Guru Crew was able to replace the front glass & LCD, the back glass cover, and even repaired my volume buttons once. I love these guys and recommend them to anyone in the Las Vegas area.

    MIchael G, Customer
  • I have worked at Apple for almost 4 years, and have seen countless customers come in with broken iPod and broken iPhone stories. I usually end up giving them the bad news that it is going to cost ~$200 to get it repaired or replaced and end up with a disappointed customer. Lately I have been recommending them to Guru Crew simply because of the quality of their work and their low prices. I have actually had some customers come back and thank me for the referral!

    Stephen V, AppleStore employee
  • Hey guys, I hope its okay if I submit a testimonial for your website. I just wanted to say that I am a real estate agent and our office uses iPhones to submit and review new houses on the market while we are out in the field. Many of my agents have dropped them while at a site survey and broken the screens and whatnot. I immediately send them to Guru Crew and they get it done same day. Thanks guys for keeping my business going... you have a customer for life.

    Rachel W, Real Estate agent
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